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Dog Fighting: Facts about this Cruel Blood Sport

As you may well imagine, this is a very difficult topic to discuss.  However, the more we collectively understand about an issue, the more likely it is we will be able to effectuate positive change.  So, here goes!


Dog …

Star-Studded Celebrity Rescue Pet Roundup

We all know that rescued fur babies rock and these animal loving celebs do too!  Rather than spending their bucks to buy an animal, these celebrities opened their hearts and homes to an animals – or two – in need.  …

Tips for Dog and Cat Foster Parents

Why foster?

First, the basics: Fostering means that you agree to take in someone – for our purposes, a dog or cat – for a period of time until a forever home is found for the animal.  You may have …

Kitten Leash Training with Pizootz: Part I

Part I: Pizzotz’s back story

Pizootz will be our kitten leash training guide but first you should know a bit about him.  Pizootz, f.k.a Jury Duty Kitten, f.k.a. Jaydi, came into my life in a very unconventional manner.

Here is

Target Zero: Successful Formula to Achieve No-Kill Goal

Target Zero: Who, What, Why and How?

If you are even remotely familiar with the issues surrounding dog and cat overpopulation, neglect and abuse, you will also probably know that these problems often result in correspondingly high surrender rates to …

Black Cats Rock!

What do you think of when “black” is used to describe it?

Black Ops, in a black mood, black list, black hole of negativity, black magic, black balled, Black Monday, black heart and on and on and on.  “Black” has …

Wags Portrait Reveal!

The Reveal!

Drum Roll please!  We are very happy to share with you this gorgeous custom portrait painted by Dave Johnson, a.k.a. Chalkmaster Dave, for Wags, our Grand Prize Winner of our first Giveaway.  Onpets partnered with Dave and UrbanDogNYC …

Adopt-A-Pet Events 2016!

In honor of the Adopt a Dog Month, here is a quick overview of some of the larger pet adoption events across the country put on by some incredible organizations.  You may also want to check with your local shelter …

In Celebration of National Mutt Day!

Here are some quotes Onpets loves about our favorite canine – the venerable Mutt! Celebrate National Mutt Day by adopting or rescuing a mutt.  You will be adored like never before.

1.If you can’t decide between a Shepherd, a Setter …