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Life with my Wolf, Nasha

Get comfortable, grab your favorite drink of snack and read on about my 16 ½ year adventure with Nasha, my...

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Pet Friendly Accommodations, Part V: South Dakota - Wyoming

If you and your fur babies are travelling to any state in the alphabet from South Dakota to Wyoming, Onpets has...

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Natural Antibiotics for Cats

There's nothing worse than seeing your cat suffering from an upper respiratory or urinary tract infection and feeling helpless to...

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Pancreatitis in Dogs and Holistic Remedies to Ease the Suffering

If your dog is losing her appetite, losing weight, is suffering from abdominal pain or other unexplained intestinal discomfort, the...

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Dog Party Planning Guide

Planning a party for your favorite pup can be a lot of fun.  Here the Onpets guide to help you...

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Quiz: What Is Your Cat Telling You?

[mlw_quizmaster quiz=6]

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Manage and Prevent Anal Gland Issues for your Dog

Have you ever been blessed with a shot of anal gland fluid from your precious baby? I have, and it...

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Fireworks and Your Dog - How to Manage the Fear

Fireworks – and other loud noises - and your Dog Separation anxiety, fears and phobias abound whenever loud noises, including exploding...

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