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Your Senior Cat and Kidney Disease

A well cared for cat can live at least 20 years.  At most veterinary practices, cats 10 years and older...

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Dog ID and Tracking Product Round-up

According to the American Humane Association, every year over 10 million dogs and cats in the United States are lost...

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Exercise – You AND your pup need it!

You’ve heard the saying: If you are too heavy, your dog isn’t getting enough exercise! Regular exercise, be it daily...

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Time to walk!  Dog collars, leashes and harnesses galore

We provided a detailed leash training primer  with some initial information on the proper ‘tools’, a.k.a. leashes and harnesses, to...

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Canine Deafness - Symptoms and Treatment

WHAT?? I’m not ignoring you – just can’t hear you!  Hearing loss and deafness are relatively common among our canine...

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Dealing with ear infections in dogs through holistic remedies

Ear infections are one of the most common medical problems found in dogs. The medical term for an ear infection...

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Interesting Cats

Cats can be intriguing, mysterious, mischievous and downright interesting.  These cats, however, take interesting to another level.  Read on for...

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Puppy Mills: Adopt, Don’t Buy

What is a puppy mill? According to the ASPCA there are approximately 10,000 puppy mills just in the United States. ...

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