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Dealing with ear infections in dogs through holistic remedies

Ear infections are one of the most common medical problems found in dogs. The medical term for an ear infection...

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Interesting Cats

Cats can be intriguing, mysterious, mischievous and downright interesting.  These cats, however, take interesting to another level.  Read on for...

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Heart Healthy Food for Cats

We all want the best for our feline companions, and that means giving them what they need to live a...

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Heart-Healthy Dog Food: Diet Tips for Dogs with Heart Disease

A recent scientific statement by the American Heart Association revealed what dog owners have long suspected: having a dog may...

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Hurricane Harvey Front Line Report from Texas Litter Control

Deana Sellens, the Executive Director of Texas Litter Control (TLC), was kind enough to speak with Onpets about TLC and the...

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Disaster Preparation: How to protect your pets when Mother Nature…

Weather Happens Severe weather can and does happen throughout the year in different parts of the world and there are...

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Is Vitamin C a Viable Treatment for Cancer in Dogs?

Benefits of Vitamin C Vitamin C is one of the best known supplements on the market, but not many pet parents...

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Canine gastroenteritis can be very uncomfortable. How to spot and…

As those of us with canine fur babies know, our dogs will eat just about anything – no matter how...

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