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Anti-tethering legislation: What is it and why is it important?

What is tethering? Tethering is the practice of chaining or tying an animal to a stationary object for a period...

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Ten Zen (ish) Lessons I’ve Learned from My Dog

When we saw Betsy Cox's 10 Zen lessons, we knew this was something the Onpets community would appreciate.  Betsy graciously...

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Don't lose your pets to thieves! Your guide to anti-pet…

In observance of National Pet Theft Awareness Day, here are some scary and sad statistics, along with advice on preventing...

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The "Do Dogs Like You?" Quiz!

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Why Do Dogs Dislike Certain People?

Dogs are similar to humans with respect to ‘vetting’ those who approach. In fact, they are generally much quicker at...

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Automatic Water Dispensers for Dogs: Pros and Cons and Types…

Automatic water dispensers for dogs, also called dog - or pet - drinking fountains, and other water dispensing devices like...

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Automatic Feeders for Cats: Pros and Cons and Types that…

If you've ever had to work late or spend the night away from home, you understand the problems associated with...

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Target Zero: Successful Formula to Achieve No-Kill Goal

Target Zero: Who, What, Why and How? If you are even remotely familiar with the issues surrounding dog and cat...

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