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The Benefits of Spirulina for Dogs

By now, most of us have heard something about the many benefits of a more plant-based diet, including one of...

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Emotional Support Animals and Psychiatric Service Animals

Our Series on Service Animals, Therapy Animals and now, ESA and Psychiatric Service Animals Our first article in this series,...

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Giveaway - Serenegy Treats

Onpets Serenegy Giveaway: Calling all Dog Parents!! Onpets is excited to announce its third Giveaway!  Make sure you sign up...

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Lick Granulomas in Dogs - Natural Remedies

Lick granulomas, also known as acral lick dermatitis, result when a dog incessantly licks a certain body area, most commonly...

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Hot Spots In Dogs- What Is That?

What is a hot spot and what causes it? Most dog owners have seen their pups suffer with hot spots...

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Pet-Friendly National Parks (A-G)

This is the second installment in our series on pet-friendly parks around the United States. Most of our fur babies...

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Black Cats Rock!

What do you think of when “black” is used to describe it? Black Ops, in a black mood, black list,...

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Acupuncture Needles, Treatment Plans and More from Dr. Hirschfeld

Interview with Beth Hirschfeld, DVM, CVA, DMO about acupuncture needles, treatment plans for your fur baby, expectations and potential complications...

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