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    Aging Pets
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What is your cat telling you?

Some basic facts: Once cats are no longer kittens, they stop meowing to communicate with other cats. Adult cats meow...

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How to Memorialize Your Departed Pets

For pet parents, the most painful aspect of being a pet parent is almost always the fact that we tend...

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Why do dogs pant?

It’s HOT in here! The short answer to why dogs pant is: To circulate sufficient air through the body to...

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Pet Friendly Accommodations, Part IV: New Mexico - South Carolina

If you and your fur babies are travelling to any state in the alphabet from New Mexico to South Carolina,...

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Healthy Herbs for Common Issues Affecting Your Cat

Are herbs safe for cats?  We know that certain herbs can be very beneficial for us and for our canine...

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Do Cats Love their humans?

Those of us with feline babies know the answer to the question is “YES!”  However, we also know that the...

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Dealing with ear infections in dogs through holistic remedies.

Ear infections are one of the most common medical problems found in dogs. The medical term for an ear infection...

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Holistic Treatments for Dog Ear Infections

Dogs who have long ears or who swim a lot may suffer from recurring ear infections. But ear infections can...

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