dog trainer

Master Dog Trainer Quiz

Are you a master dog trainer? Test your skills and see if you have what it takes to train your fur baby!

dog jumping in park

When training your dog not to jump, what is one thing you SHOULD do?
pug wrapped in a blanket

When trying to help fix your dog's separation anxiety, it's important to do the following except:
pug puppy

When trying to understand why dogs go to the bathroom inside the house initially, you use the mnemonic LOSS, which stands for:
rotweiler on a leash

When leash training your pup, it's best to use a choke collar or something equally as scary to provide negative reinforcement.
dog shaking hands with trainer

When finding a good trainer/behaviorist, which one of these is true?
wet dogs

In regards to treating aggression in dogs, "flooding" refers to:
dog sitting next to a man

When choosing a dog trainer, the most important factors are:
fourth of july dog

When your dog is scared of loud noises, you should:
pug on the floor

When setting up your home to be a pet-friendly environment, it's important to:
fire hydrant

When house training your pup, it's important to:
cat hissing

Bonus Question: Is it possible to leash train a cat?

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