Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

You have likely already heard of the incredible benefits of coconut oil for humans, but did you know that this natural product can also work wonders at keeping your dog’s entire body healthy from the inside out? That’s right – you may also want to use coconut oil for your pooch! Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits that coconut oil can provide to dogs.  Please note that some holistic vets do NOT recommend that you give dogs – or cats – coconut oil so talk to your vet about whether or not you should be incorporating this natural ingredient into your dog’s diet and health regimen.

Immune System and Metabolic Support

Because coconut oil has powerful antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial agents, it can assist in the prevention of a variety of diseases and infections.

For example, it can help reduce your dog’s weight if he is overweight or obese, and it can also help him maintain a healthy weight for optimal health. In addition, coconut oil can help increase your dog’s energy level, helping him stay more active throughout the day so that he can maintain that healthy weight and prevent the many issues associated with being overweight.

Coconut oil can even work on preventing or controlling diabetes by helping to regulate and balance insulin levels while promoting healthy thyroid function.

Bone Health Benefits

By providing a boost of healthy fats, coconut oil can aid in the prevention and treatment of ligament problems, as well as ease the symptoms that are associated with conditions like arthritis.

Skin and Coat Health

Your dog’s skin and coat are a reflection of his inner health, and coconut oil, when fed directly or applied to the skin and fur, can help your dog not only look great, but also feel great.

Coconut oil has been found to be able to clear up a variety of irritating skin problems, including contact dermatitis, flea allergies, itchy skin, and eczema. It can help reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions by boosting the health of your dog’s skin.

In addition, coconut oil can make your dog’s coat appear glossy, healthy and sleek, all while deodorizing and reducing or eliminating the occurrence of offensive dog odor. This is because it can help to not only prevent, but also treat, fungal and yeast infections, including infections caused by candida. When applied to cuts, coconut oil can disinfect them while boosting the healing time of wounds. And it can even help with the healing of dry skin, hot spots, stings and bites.

Digestive Balance

Your dog’s digestive system is one of the most important components of his overall health and coconut oil works wonderfully at improving nutrient absorption and digestion on a whole.

This healing oil can also provide relief from a variety of digestive disorders, such as colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

If your dog has bad breath, coconut oil can reduce or eliminate it, and it can also help with eliminating hairballs.

Cautionary Note: According to Jean Hofve, DVM, “coconut oil is predominantly made up of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)–and it’s those MCTs that are the issue….In dogs, MCTs can cause pancreatitis” so if your pooch has to be on a low-fat or special diet, work with your veterinarian to determine if coconut oil – or any other dietary change – is a good idea.

Whole Body Benefits

The great thing about coconut oil is the fact that it can provide whole body support to your canine companion. Use this natural and healthy oil topically or allow your dog to ingest it in order to reap its many benefits on just about every system throughout the body.

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