Alternative Treatments

Mind your pet’s health holistically! From fleas & ticks to hair loss or cancer prevention, there are many alternative treatments & natural pet remedies.

Dr. Halle on the Pros and Cons of Vaccinations

Interview with Erika Halle, DVM about the pros and cons of vaccinating your fur baby.

  1. What are vaccines and what are they ideally supposed to do?

Vaccines generally contain some form or part of an infectious agent (bacteria or virus). …

Natural Remedies for Your Pet’s Eye Infection

Natural Remedies for Your Pet’s Eye Infection


Eye infections are quite common in both cats and dogs.  How can you determine if your dog or cat is suffering from an eye infection? Well, there are some pretty straightforward symptoms …

Natural Antibiotics for Cats

There’s nothing worse than seeing your cat suffering from an upper respiratory or urinary tract infection and feeling helpless to do anything about it. Vet visits and prescription medications are costly, and many prescription antibiotics cause side effects that are …

Dr. Randall On Immunotherapy and Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment

Interview with Amy Randall, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACDV about veterinary immunotherapy and allergy diagnosis and treatment

  1. What is veterinary immunotherapy?

immunotherapy oral treatmentImmunotherapy is the use of FDA standardized allergens (pollens, house dust mites, molds) in a liquid formulation which is administered …

Light Therapy for Pain in Dogs

Using light to treat pain is not a new concept; the Egyptians used solar therapy thousands of years ago to treat a variety of ailments. In veterinary practice, light therapy has only gained mainstream acceptance in the last decade, but …

Herbal Remedies for Cat Allergies

Herbal Remedies for Cat Allergies

Cats are a common cause of allergies in humans, but they also suffer from allergic conditions themselves. Just like in people, a cat’s immune system becomes overly sensitive to an otherwise innocent substance and identifies …