What Types of Cancer are More Responsive to Alternative Treatments Like Acupuncture and Herbs?

Just as cancer is prevalent in the human population, it is also becoming increasingly common amongst cats and dogs, as well as other species of pets. Pollution in the soil, water, air, and food can take its toll on your pet’s immune system over time, and poor genetics from inhumane breeding practices can also have a detrimental effect upon your pet’s health. Failing to feed your pet a high quality, species-appropriate diet, whether you choose to go with a raw or homemade diet or stick with canned and dry foods, can also result in a lack of important nutrients that keep the body strong.

The Problem with Conventional Treatments

Conventional cancer treatments typically include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Chemotherapy and radiation can have severe side effects and may not be able to keep your pet’s cancer in remission for very long, if at all. Combining conventional treatments with natural remedies is an option, or you can take a completely different approach.

Taking a Holistic Approach May Work

If your pet is diagnosed with cancer and you want to take a more natural route to cure the disease, there are many options available. Under the guidance of a holistic vet who is experienced and trustworthy, you can access everything from homeopathic to herbal remedies, as well as receive suggestions for other helpful treatments, such as acupuncture. But are there certain cancers that respond better to these treatments than others?

Some cancers do respond better to holistic treatments, but the truth is that any cancer patient can benefit from at least an integrative approach that combines the best of Western and Eastern medicine. Homeopathic remedies, in particular, are especially popular among holistic vets because they are catered to each individual pet’s unique constitution and they can be used to treat any type of cancer.


Canine lymphoma is one of the most common forms of cancer that veterinarians treat today. It is also a very difficult one to treat because chemotherapy only works to a point but never really cures the disease. And doctors still do not understand exactly what causes it.

This cancer, however, responds well to alternative therapies that include acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies. When combined with a good nutritional plan and supplements, these therapies can increase the length of remission for these animals and give them a better quality of life.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer in pets is yet another difficult form of cancer with a poor prognosis. Typically, conventional treatments will only provide about 6 months of life unless the tumour is removed as well, in which case an animal may get two years because, no matter what, the cancer is likely to recur. But natural therapies given on a long-term basis can actually help prevent the recurrence of breast cancer. Chinese herbal formulations like Chih-ko and Curcuma are highly effective.

It is important to note that not every natural therapy will work wonders on every kind of cancer. This is why it is imperative that you see a holistic veterinarian who can not only diagnose your pet’s cancer but also stage it and determine the best course of action.



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