Your Senior Cat and Kidney Disease

A well cared for cat can live at least 20 years.  At most veterinary practices, cats 10 years and older qualify for ‘senior’ blood work but cats age so gracefully, they don’t start to look ‘old’ until 17 or so.  …

Dog ID and Tracking Product Round-up

According to the American Humane Association, every year over 10 million dogs and cats in the United States are lost or stolen and one in three pets will become lost at some point during their life. I can tell you …

Exercise – You AND your pup need it!

You’ve heard the saying: If you are too heavy, your dog isn’t getting enough exercise! Regular exercise, be it daily walks, agility, romping with other furry friends or any number of other types of exercise, is a necessary component of …

Canine Deafness – Symptoms and Treatment

WHAT?? I’m not ignoring you – just can’t hear you!

 Hearing loss and deafness are relatively common among our canine companions but there are many causes, degrees of hearing loss and ways of addressing the situation.  As with humans, your …

Interesting Cats

Cats can be intriguing, mysterious, mischievous and downright interesting.  These cats, however, take interesting to another level.  Read on for our roundup of some of the most interesting cats we could find.

The New York Times Foreign Bureau Cats


Puppy Mills: Adopt, Don’t Buy

What is a puppy mill?

According to the ASPCA there are approximately 10,000 puppy mills just in the United States.   The ASPCA website has a very succinct and heart breaking description of exactly what a puppy mill is:

“A puppy …

Heart Healthy Food for Cats

We all want the best for our feline companions, and that means giving them what they need to live a long and healthy life. To that end, it’s crucial to provide your feline fur baby with a heart healthy diet …