Traveling with your dog to the UK from the US

You have just accepted a job in England. One of the most important things you must now take care of is figuring out how to get your dog into the UK. Restrictions and requirements when traveling with your dog to the UK are plentiful but manageable with the right information.

In order to enter the UK, your pet must be micro-chipped. This is the only kind of pet identification deemed acceptable in the UK. The chip must conform with ISO standard 11784 or Amex A to ISO standard 11785. Otherwise, your dog must be accompanied by his own scanner, attached to his shipping crate. The chip must be inserted prior to getting administering the rabies shot and your vet must check the chip to make sure it’s working accurately. Your vet must document the chip implantation date and chip number on the rabies certificate which you MUST take with you. Additional information required includes the rabies manufacturer’s name, vaccine batch number, product name, date the shot was given and the legitimacy of the specific vaccine used. On the day you and your pet depart for the UK, the rabies vaccine must be at least three weeks old but less than a year old. You will also need a signed letter from the vet on the vet’s letterhead vouching for the microchip number, a statement that the chip was scanned prior to the rabies vaccine and the implantation date of the chip.

In addition to the microchip and rabies vaccination requirements, you will need a completed EU (European Union) Vet Health Certificate.  The EU Vet Health Certificate is the customary health certificate filled out by an accredited vet and must be completed within 10 days of your departure from the US and your pet’s arrival at the EU point of entry. If you are traveling around in Europe with your pet, the Certificate is valid for four months from the date issued or until the date of expiration for the rabies vaccine, whichever comes first.

Lastly, your dog must also get tapeworm treatment within five days of your departure from the US. The treatment must consist of Praziquantel and be dispensed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Your vet must record the date and time of the treatment on the EU Vet Health Certificate.

The microchip implantation record, the rabies certificate, the letter from your vet and the EU Vet Health Certificate must all be sent to your local government vet authority’s office to receive a stamp of approval. Note that any dates on these documents should be written in accordance with the ISO standard which is dd/mm/yyyy.

Ultimately, your dog must qualify for PETS (Pet Travel Scheme), which is a passport for animals and allows them to enter the UK without quarantine. If you have taken all of the foregoing steps, your dog should qualify and be able to enter the UK.

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