Quiz: Name That Mutt!

Are you a mutt mix master? Time to put your ID skills to the test!

Before you jump in though, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Consider the size of the pup to help narrow down the breed.

2. Look at the dog's ears because some dogs have very distinct shapes and sizes.

3. Look at the dog's tail (straight, corkscrew, curved, fuzzy, thin).

4. Consider the shape of the dog's head and snout (long, narrow, stout, snubbed).

It's time to ID some pups!

Nope - I am not related to a leopard or any other feline for that matter!
dog in a field
This is my snarky look.  I have others...
No! I am absolutely NOT a stuffed toy!
Did I miss my eyes with my fabulous eyeliner?  Did I?? Did I??
dog on a deck
I am a handsome boy!
dog in a field
What are you looking at?  These are all BEAUTY spots!
Awwww...shmukums wukums cutie pie!
puppy in a chair
I have really long legs - it's just the camera angle that makes me look short!

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