Peace and Paws Matches Dogs with People

Once upon a time, two dog lovers met in a bar….is this the start of a great love story?  Yes! The start of a great love story between a couple who have devoted their lives “matching the world’s best dogs with the world’s best people”. Not only did they find love together but they have connected so many dogs with forever homes creating another love story of sorts. This was the beginning of one of the most successful rescue groups in the Northeast: Peace and Paws Dog Rescue.

How it all began…….

Since 2007, Peace and Paws (a non-profit rescue group) has placed over 3,000 dogs all over the New England area. It all started when Melissa and Bo Hannon were looking to adopt their own dog and noticed that the shelters were sparse, in yet the high-kill shelters in the South were riddled with dogs needing forever homes. That was when they sprung into action knowing they had to do something. They started by partnering with a fellow rescue group in Alabama. Now, Peace and Paws has partnered with a wide network of rescue groups all over the South.

Having logged hundreds of thousands of miles transporting dogs every other week with the arduous process of driving from New Hampshire to Alabama and other Southern states, their dedication has shown to be unwavering. One of the most difficult tasks with placing dogs with owners is the adoption process. Once a prospective owner is interested in a dog they go must complete a thorough application. Peace and Paws pride themselves on not only educating prospective owners but do a thorough inventory of each dog. This helps adoptees know each dog’s personalities and limitations. Having said that, Peace and Paws has one of the lowest return rates. You can accredit this to their keen knowledge of each dog they rescue and the education and guidance they provide each adoptee.

A Loyal Following

With a facebook prescence of almost 500,000 likes, many flock to their facebook page to read their many tips they post on a daily basis. You can also see the constant wave of smiling faces from the new pet parents with their rescued dogs.  The best part is their own dogs (rescued from the same high-kill shelter.giddyandtwinkhalloween
Giddy and Twink post their tips of the day and often model in seasonal outfits and holiday flair. Needless to say Giddy and Twink have become famous themselves. They also lend their looks to the Peace and Paws annual calendars. Of which, all proceeds go right to the rescue.

Another show of loyalty amongst their followers was when Melissa and Bo started collecting funds to build on-site housing on their own property for the many dogs they rescue. Not only did they reach their goal for building the “Ruff House Retreat” but the $100,000 goal was well surpassed. The space includes spacious kennels for each dog, a comfortable and relaxing area for prospective adoptees to visit with dogs and even an outdoor run for the dogs overlooking the water. Certainly a “shangri-la” for these dogs that once had nothing. With almost 10,000 dogs being euthanized every day and 10 million stray or unwanted pets taken in every year by shelters, Peace and Paws has certainly made a dent in this number.

Meet our featured dogs of the week from Peace and Paws


Say “hello” to Magic and Berkeley!

Berkeley (7-8 year old Lab mix) and Magic (4 year old Border Collie mix) are two wonderful dogs that just lost their owner. Their owner was a rescue partner, a long time dog lover, dog rescue advocate and long time friend of Peace and Paws. Berkeley and Magic have been with the rescue for about a month now and have acclimated well, all things considered. Both dogs are very friendly and love people. They are good with children but would ideally be placed in a home with older children and not toddlers since this is not something they have grown up with and due to being older dogs, would prefer they not have to tolerate the activity level and things toddlers and growing youngsters can bring.

Both Berks and Magic are playful and love their walks in the neighborhood. Squeeky toys are a favorite of Berkeley’s but they are short lived since she usually gets the squeaker out under a minute.  Both dogs are fully vetted and will be micro-chipped and we will be taking them to our own vet for baseline blood work to make sure everything is ok. Magic has some hair loss on her rear but the vet felt that was from an allergy while she was in Alabama, There is some residual hair loss so we would like to have that checked out as well to make sure there is not something else going on. Aside from that, both dogs are in great shape (Magic could lose some weight and we are working on that) and are ready for their next step in healing from the loss of their owner.

Both dogs must go together and we will not separate them. They are house trained and have full run of the adoption center and have not chewed or destroyed anything. Their former owner did not crate them so we would like them to go to a home where they would not be crated since this is something they are not used to. They had a fenced in yard with a doggy door so that would be ideal for them as well.
They do get along with other dogs but in their own home we would like them to be the only dogs. Magic tolerates dogs with no problem but upon observation with the previous owner, Magic doesn’t like to compete with other dogs for space and attention so we would like Magic and Berkeley to be the only dogs.

Adoption fee is $500 and includes all vetting , blood work, fecal and heartworm tests, worming, health certificate and transport. All dogs come with 30 days free health insurance.


  • House trained
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Current on vaccinations

How You Can Help

For more information on these and other adoptable dogs visit:

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