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Home Cooking for your Favorite Pooch

Home cooking for your dog

How many of us have canine companions who would love – LOVE!!! – to help us clean our plates each time we eat?  While it is tempting to give in to the pitiful “I’m starving …

Home Cooking for Your Favorite Feline

Home cooking: What to consider and delicious recipes if you are ready to plunge in

We all love a good home-cooked meal prepared with love and care and our animal companions are no different. You have probably never met a …

Interview with Dr. Randall about Serenegy

Interview with Amy Randall, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACDV about Serenegy

  1. What is your philosophy with regard to the food and treats a responsible pet parent should feed her companion animals?

Food and treats should be good quality, limited ingredient proteins …

The Low-Down on Salty Cat Foods

The Low-Down on Salty Cat Foods

Sodium is an essential mineral for cats, maintaining proper muscle and nerve cell function and preventing cells from swelling or dehydrating by maintaining the cellular environment. A little sodium goes a long way, though, …

Alternatives to Chemotherapy for Dogs

Alternatives to Chemotherapy for Dogs

Cancer is defined as the uncontrolled reproduction of cells either inside or on the body. It is surprisingly common among pets, with roughly the same number of dogs diagnosed with various forms of cancer as …

Natural Laxatives for Your Pup’s Constipation

Natural Laxatives for Dog Constipation

While diarrhea might be a more common experience for dog owners, constipation can be a very real and troublesome problem. Although it’s usually mild and treatable at home with natural remedies and laxatives, it’s crucial …

Why Is My Dog Vomiting?

You are what you eat – Dietary Indiscretion and Pancreatitis

There are numerous possible answers to this burning question and your vet will sometimes tell you that “there is no reason” other than an upset stomach. The truth is …