Natural, Simple Ways to Manage Your Dog’s Diabetes

Dogs aren’t referred to as man’s best friend just because we’re trying to flatter them, and it can be worrisome when we discover that one of our household pets is suffering from disease. Diabetes is an ailment that is becoming increasingly common in dogs and is considered a side-effect of changing diets that focus more on quantity than quality. To have to give insulin to your dog in order to manage his or her diabetes can be cumbersome and uncomfortable for you and your pet and can also cause other health problems. Those who are ready to address the underlying causes of diabetes and treat the disease through natural means will most likely have better long-term results. In the following article, we’ll discuss three simple ways that you can manage your dog’s diabetes through a natural approach.

Dietary Restrictions on Carbs

Most diabetics cannot produce any insulin at all, which means that the body has to take insulin whenever needed. Most of the time, insulin is needed to help handle carbohydrate intake, and your dog may be consuming large amounts of carbohydrates under a traditional diet. If you modify this by eliminating or heavily restricting the amount of carbohydrates your dog eats on a daily basis, you may be able to completely eliminate the need for insulin management. Since carbs are often the most common elements in your dog’s processed diet, you may be able to reduce or eliminate them altogether by feeding your dog either non-processed food or processed food low in grains and carbohydrates.

Herbs for Glucose Management

While you may be able to easily eliminate the need for most carbohydrates in your dog’s diet, you will no doubt still need to ensure that he or she is consuming adequate quantities of healthy food. To help promote good health and manage your dog’s diabetes, you can add several different types of herbs to his or her food. Trigonella is one herb that has been shown to help alleviate the rapid spikes and dips in blood glucose levels in dogs and can help you ensure a more stable day-to-day life for your pet. Goat’s rue is yet another herb that can also be used for the same purpose. Bitter melon extract and fenugreek seed also have reported benefits when it comes to blood sugar management.

Herbs for Auxiliary Body Health

Diabetes can impact the long-term health of your dog, even if the symptoms are managed well. Virtually every organ in the body is impacted by this disease, making it deadlier than some realize. A variety of different herbs can be used to treat the side-effects of diabetes and help minimize damage done to other parts of the body. Bilberry, for instance, can be used to improve the health of your dog’s eyes  as diabetes has been known to cause cataracts and blindness.  Another great example of herbs that can be used for improved health is astragalus, which encourages improvement of the immune system in older and weaker dogs.

These three strategies – carbohydrate management, glucose management and the promotion of bodily health – can be great natural ways to manage your dog’s diabetes. Expensive drugs and needles are not only inconvenient, but also painful for your dog. With these strategies, you can minimize discomfort and promote true health in your dog for years to come.



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