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Giveaway – Serenegy Treats

Onpets Serenegy Giveaway:

Calling all Dog Parents!!

Onpets is excited to announce its third Giveaway!  Make sure you sign up with us here to receive notifications about each Giveaway!

For our third Giveaway, Onpets has partnered with Veterinarian Amy Randall, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACDV and founder of Serenegy to offer you the chance to enter a drawing to win a holiday box of Serenegy dog treats.  The four lucky winners will each get to select two bags of Serenegy dog treats and one bag of WrapIt mix (or pill smugglers, as we like to call them).  Dr. Randall will send you a beautiful gift box in time for the holidays with your favorite canine fur baby.

*You only need to choose one entry method, but you can do as many as you want!

Serenegy Giveaway!

The Giveaway offers you 9 different ways to earn points:

  1. Giveaway prize boxSign up for our newsletter = 3 points
  2. Refer a friend! = 3 points
  3. What are your favorite pet foods, toys and products? = 2 points
  4. Who is your favorite holistic vet and why? = 2 points
  5. What are your favorite pet-friendly restaurants? = 2 points
  6. What is your favorite pet-friendly hotel? = 2 points
  7. What supplements do you add to your pet’s food? = 2 points
  8. Follow us on Twitter = 1 point
  9. Like us on Facebook = 1 point

Onpets will accept submissions through December 14 and will announce the 4 winners on December 19.  Check out the Onpets interviews with Dr. Randall about Serenegy; immunotherapy and allergy diagnosis and treatment; veterinary dermatology and CO2 laser; the importance of veterinary specialization; and natural allergy management.

Here is a little bit about Onpets and about Dr. Randall:

Giveaway prize boxOnpets was established to provide pet parents with authoritative resources and information about holistic and integrative veterinary care, alternative treatment modalities, the latest nutrition information and lifestyle options to maximize your animal companion’s wellness and the enjoyment of your lives together.  We view our furry babies as family member and Onpets provides a forum to learn from each other and share our stories, concerns and solutions to enhance our lives and those of our animals. Our founder, Yvonne Grassie, has 5 rescued dogs, 1 rescued cat and a pond full of ‘feeder’ fish rescued from the pet store.  So, if you want to know about massage therapy for your favorite canine, the benefits of chlorella for your fur baby or learn whether turmeric is a good idea for your feline fur baby, find recipes for healthy cat weight or learn why black cats rock – to name just a few of the hundreds of topics we cover – Onpets is for you!

Dr. Amy RandallDr. Amy Randall: After receiving her doctorate of veterinary medicine from North Caroline State University, Dr. Amy Randall practiced general veterinary medicine for a year in Fredricksburg, Virginia. With a deep desire to continue her education, Dr. Randall then completed a two-year internship in veterinary medicine and surgery at Mississippi State University. Her love of schooling and knowledge lead her to spend a term as a clinical instructor of veterinary internal medicine and dermatology. In order to achieve a Master of Science degree, specializing in dermatology, Dr. Randall performed her residency at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology; one of less than 300 board-certified veterinarians in the United States.

Dr. Randall’s currently practices out of two clinics; one located in Beaverton, Oregon and the other in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she travels to once a month to provide dermatological veterinary care to a community that did not offer it.  Additionally, Dr. Randall has formulated, tested, and produced a line of pet treats and pill wraps designed for dogs with food sensitivities. The line is limited ingredient, all natural, and made in the United States at a bakery that is attached to her Beaverton clinic. To learn more about Serenegy, you can visit

When she is not at AAEC, she enjoys traveling, both domestically and internationally, keeping fit by hitting the gym and many jogging trails around Portland, speaking to groups about animal allergy and ear disorders, as well as spending time with her chocolate Labrador, Cole.

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