Training – Dogs

Dog training requires patience and positive reinforcement. Read on to learn natural ways to teach your dog to stop barking, jumping on furniture and more!

Exercise – You AND your pup need it!

You’ve heard the saying: If you are too heavy, your dog isn’t getting enough exercise! Regular exercise, be it daily walks, agility, romping with other furry friends or any number of other types of exercise, is a necessary component of …

Quiz: Can You Integrate A New Pet Into Your Home?

cat in a carrier

When you bring New Kitty home:
dogs in a park

The best place to introduce New Pup to your pack

Caring for Aging or Disabled Pets: Part III

In Part I and Part II of this series, we discuss various health issues which can adversely affect your pet’s mobility, suggest therapy and exercise options and review tools and equipment you may want to consider to help with specific …

Dog Fighting: Facts about this Cruel Blood Sport

As you may well imagine, this is a very difficult topic to discuss.  However, the more we collectively understand about an issue, the more likely it is we will be able to effectuate positive change.  So, here goes!


Dog …

Why do dogs bark?

The answer to the question, “Why do dogs bark?” may seem obvious: To communicate, of course!  However, there are lots of things your pup may be trying to communicate by barking and the trick is to try to understand what …

Salute to Working Dogs

Salute to working dogs

Dogs may be “man’s best friend” but they can also be our best helper and workmate as well.  Ever since wolves first started to socialize with our cave-dwelling ancestors, participating in the process and spoils of …

Are You A Leash Pro?

Welcome to Are You A Leash Pro?


First and foremost, when you start leash training your pup, make sure you:

The “Do Dogs Like You?” Quiz!

Do you know how to read your dog's body language or know when to advance and when to back off with a dog who doesn't know you?  Get your answers here in our piece, "Why do dogs dislike certain people?"

Why Do Dogs Dislike Certain People?

Dogs are similar to humans with respect to ‘vetting’ those who approach. In fact, they are generally much quicker at deciding who they like or dislike than their human parents are. Maybe dogs can tell a book by its cover.  …

Breed-Specific Legislation: Pros and Cons

Many cities in the United States and around the world have legislation which prohibits residents within the jurisdiction from owning certain dog breeds.  The genesis of this type of legislation is the idea that prohibiting the presence of certain dog …