Learn how holistic canine care, combined with proper diet & natural supplements, can effectively treat canine ulcers, hair loss, skin conditions and more.

How to Memorialize Your Departed Pets

For pet parents, the most painful aspect of being a pet parent is almost always the fact that we tend to outlive our fur babies.  This is, of course, also a good thing because even thought our fur babies do …

Why do dogs pant?

It’s HOT in here!

The short answer to why dogs pant is: To circulate sufficient air through the body to cool off.  Humans have sweat glands (small, tubular structures located just under the entire surface of our skin with the …

Holistic Treatments for Dog Ear Infections

Dogs who have long ears or who swim a lot may suffer from recurring ear infections. But ear infections can also occur in older dogs, those with a lot of ear wax and puppies who have been recently vaccinated. Dogs …

Caring for Aging or Disabled Pets: Part III

In Part I and Part II of this series, we discuss various health issues which can adversely affect your pet’s mobility, suggest therapy and exercise options and review tools and equipment you may want to consider to help with specific …

Quiz: Name That Mutt!

Are you a mutt mix master? Time to put your ID skills to the test!

Before you jump in though, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Consider the size of the pup to help narrow down the

Caring for Aging or Disabled Pets Part II

Caring for disabled pets Part II: Equipment roundup

In Part I of our roundup of advice and resources for pet parents of fur babies with physical health issues, we looked at the types of health issues that might arise, therapy …

Puppy Mills: Adopt, Don’t Buy

USDA Animal Abuse Information Black-Out

As you may have heard by now, in February, the USDA suddenly yanked from its website all information about the treatment of animals at breeding operations, zoos, research laboratories and other places where animal abuse …