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Companion Animals: Property or Sentient Beings?

Animals in the United States are currently treated as personal property rather than sentient beings.  Although most states have anti-cruelty laws and some animal welfare regulations – and these vary widely by state – animals do not have anywhere near …

Can You Read Your Dog’s Body Language?

Welcome to Can You Read Your Dog's Body Language?!

dog diagram

When a dog's ears are flat, his tail is tucked, and he's crouching, he is most likely:
dog barking

When your pup is barking in rapid strings of

Dog Fighting: Facts about this Cruel Blood Sport

As you may well imagine, this is a very difficult topic to discuss.  However, the more we collectively understand about an issue, the more likely it is we will be able to effectuate positive change.  So, here goes!


Dog …

Can Your Dog Read Your Emotions?

The short answer is “yes”.  As dogs evolved and separated from their wolf ancestors, they became more and more integrated with human companions.  Over the millennia dogs have learned to understand not only what their humans want from them but …

Star-Studded Celebrity Rescue Pet Roundup

We all know that rescued fur babies rock and these animal loving celebs do too!  Rather than spending their bucks to buy an animal, these celebrities opened their hearts and homes to an animals – or two – in need.  …

National Puppy Day Roundup!

In honor of National Puppy Day, here are some of our favorite puppy pics!  Send us yours and we’ll put together another roundup of Onpets community puppies.

puppy in a teacup

A cup of pup in the morning…just the ticket!


I’m totally awake guys…

Top ten dangerous common household items for dogs

Just as you must be vigilant about dangers lurking in common household items for your two-legged toddlers, so too must you watch out for dangers to your fur babies.  We all know how curious puppies generally are and many adult …

Salute to Working Dogs

Salute to working dogs

Dogs may be “man’s best friend” but they can also be our best helper and workmate as well.  Ever since wolves first started to socialize with our cave-dwelling ancestors, participating in the process and spoils of …

Are You A Leash Pro?

Welcome to Are You A Leash Pro?


First and foremost, when you start leash training your pup, make sure you:

Tips for Dog and Cat Foster Parents

Why foster?

First, the basics: Fostering means that you agree to take in someone – for our purposes, a dog or cat – for a period of time until a forever home is found for the animal.  You may have …