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Ten Zen (ish) Lessons I’ve Learned from My Dog

When we saw Betsy Cox’s 10 Zen lessons, we knew this was something the Onpets community would appreciate.  Betsy graciously agreed to allow us to post her article at Onpets so enjoy!

My dog Rumpole has taught me so much,

The “Do Dogs Like You?” Quiz!

Do you know how to read your dog's body language or know when to advance and when to back off with a dog who doesn't know you?  Get your answers here in our piece, "Why do dogs dislike certain people?"

Why Do Dogs Dislike Certain People?

Dogs are similar to humans with respect to ‘vetting’ those who approach. In fact, they are generally much quicker at deciding who they like or dislike than their human parents are. Maybe dogs can tell a book by its cover.  …

Is pet nail polish safe for your dog?

Nail polish for humans has been around since at least 3000 BC but is a much more recent trend for our fur babies.  Before you decide to share your favorite nail polish color with your canine fur baby, consider the …

Are pet paints and dyes safe for your dog?

Let’s face it: We love to dress up, not just ourselves, but our children as well.  For pet parents, the desire to express oneself through clothing, accessories, tattoos, make-up and hair-styles extends to their four-legged children.  The issue is how …

Cutest – and Silliest – Holiday Fur Babies!

What better way to start your holiday celebration than sharing it with some of your favorite fur babies!  To get us started, Onpets has pulled together a compilation of cute, funny and just plain silly pictures and videos of fur …

Natural Relief for Aural Hematomas

What is an aural hematoma?

First things first: What is an aural hematoma?  “Aural” just refers to the ear and “hematoma” means a pooling or collection of blood outside the blood vessels.  An aural hematoma is therefore a pool of …