Cutest – and Silliest – Holiday Fur Babies!

What better way to start your holiday celebration than sharing it with some of your favorite fur babies!  To get us started, Onpets has pulled together a compilation of cute, funny and just plain silly pictures and videos of fur babies around the globe, enjoying their own version of the season.  Send us a picture, name and age of your favorite fur baby enjoying the holidays and we’ll put together another compilation of Onpets fur babies!

You may notice that we have LOTS of Christmas cheer here but are a bit thin on Hanukkah and Kwanzaa fur babies so if you have pictures of your own fur babies celebrating either holiday please share them with us for inclusion in our next roundup of the best companions any of us could wish for!


Santa will be here any minute…

dog and cat under a tree

I think I mistook the eggnog bowl for my milk dish…

grumpy cat in a hat

Here I am – I think we have enough for the whole Menorah!

puppy tangled in lights

OK,OK I’m ready to play like a snow-bunny!

The holidays can be exhausting!

This is the coolest cat tree they’ve ever gotten me and the bling is just fabulous!


dogs in suits

On the second day of Christmas… I broke all the ornaments on the tree. Score!

Where’s all my snow?!  Where am I?? Florida??

dog in a field

Were you using this hat? You can have it back later after I’ve properly broken it in for in you.

My earmuffs work fabulously and they’re so stylish!

dog in a hat

The best seat in the house.

Such a majestic reindeer – even better than the real deal!

dog with antlers



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