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Cat training requires patience and positive reinforcement. Read on to learn natural ways to teach your cat to stop clawing, crying & spraying.

Quiz: Can You Integrate A New Pet Into Your Home?

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When you bring New Kitty home:
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The best place to introduce New Pup to your pack

Are You A Leash Pro?

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First and foremost, when you start leash training your pup, make sure you:

Kitten Leash Training with Pizootz: Part I

Part I: Pizzotz’s back story

Pizootz will be our kitten leash training guide but first you should know a bit about him.  Pizootz, f.k.a Jury Duty Kitten, f.k.a. Jaydi, came into my life in a very unconventional manner.

Here is

What you need to know about declawing your cat

When it comes to cats, there are two topics about which there is a great deal of discussion and, in some cases, dispute.  The first hot button topic is the indoor vs. outdoor cat debate, which has been argued feverishly …

How to Help Your Cat Overcome Separation Anxiety

Even though most people think of cats as being very independent creatures who can do fine on their own, the truth is that cats, just like dogs and people, experience separation anxiety when they are away from the people and …