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Zeolite: Odor Elimination for Your Cat’s Litter Box


What is Zeolite?

When you first hear about Zeolite your response may be “Zeo-what?”  Zeolites are naturally occurring microporous aluminosilicate minerals of volcanic origin.  Zeolites are also commercially produced and both the natural and commercial versions are commonly used …

Top ten dangerous common household items for cats

Because our feline babies can sometimes be more difficult to monitor than our canine and human children, it is particularly important to make sure you survey your home and yard to get rid of potentially dangerous items for your cats.  …

Kitten Leash Training with Pizootz: Part I

Part I: Pizzotz’s back story

Pizootz will be our kitten leash training guide but first you should know a bit about him.  Pizootz, f.k.a Jury Duty Kitten, f.k.a. Jaydi, came into my life in a very unconventional manner.

Here is

Most Common Questions Asked of Holistic Veterinarians

Expert Roundup

Onpets wanted to find out what the most common question is – and the answer – that holistic veterinarians receive from pet parents.  We consulted with a number of veterinarians around the country who practice integrative veterinary medicine …

Bemer Therapy for improved oxygen utilization

Dr. John Simon is very excited about the beneficial potential of Bemer Therapy, a non-invasive, painless therapy he uses on his patients to help them improve cellular oxygen utilization. Here is what he asked us to share with the Onpets …

Holiday Advice from our Panel of Veterinarians

The holidays are upon us!

This year, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa all happen or begin between December 24 and 26 so there will be holiday cheer all the way into 2017.  With all the special foods, decorations, travel, visitors, stress …

Natural Relief for Aural Hematomas

What is an aural hematoma?

First things first: What is an aural hematoma?  “Aural” just refers to the ear and “hematoma” means a pooling or collection of blood outside the blood vessels.  An aural hematoma is therefore a pool of …

Home Cooking for Your Favorite Feline

Home cooking: What to consider and delicious recipes if you are ready to plunge in

We all love a good home-cooked meal prepared with love and care and our animal companions are no different. You have probably never met a …