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Learn about feline healthcare, non-surgical treatment options, and how to naturally treat the different kinds of common health issues found in cats.

Bemer Therapy for improved oxygen utilization

Dr. John Simon is very excited about the beneficial potential of Bemer Therapy, a non-invasive, painless therapy he uses on his patients to help them improve cellular oxygen utilization. Here is what he asked us to share with the Onpets …

Holiday Advice from our Panel of Veterinarians

The holidays are upon us!

This year, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa all happen or begin between December 24 and 26 so there will be holiday cheer all the way into 2017.  With all the special foods, decorations, travel, visitors, stress …

Natural Relief for Aural Hematomas

What is an aural hematoma?

First things first: What is an aural hematoma?  “Aural” just refers to the ear and “hematoma” means a pooling or collection of blood outside the blood vessels.  An aural hematoma is therefore a pool of …

Home Cooking for Your Favorite Feline

Home cooking: What to consider and delicious recipes if you are ready to plunge in

We all love a good home-cooked meal prepared with love and care and our animal companions are no different. You have probably never met a …

Dr. Halle on the Pros and Cons of Vaccinations

Interview with Erika Halle, DVM about the pros and cons of vaccinating your fur baby.

  1. What are vaccines and what are they ideally supposed to do?

Vaccines generally contain some form or part of an infectious agent (bacteria or virus). …

Natural Remedies for Your Pet’s Eye Infection

Natural Remedies for Your Pet’s Eye Infection


Eye infections are quite common in both cats and dogs.  How can you determine if your dog or cat is suffering from an eye infection? Well, there are some pretty straightforward symptoms …

Natural Antibiotics for Cats

There’s nothing worse than seeing your cat suffering from an upper respiratory or urinary tract infection and feeling helpless to do anything about it. Vet visits and prescription medications are costly, and many prescription antibiotics cause side effects that are …

Prevent and Treat Disease with the Power of Orthomolecular Medicine

Introduction to Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular medicine, also known as antioxidant treatment, uses increased levels of vitamins and minerals (mainly antioxidants) to help treat a variety of medical disorders. While daily amounts of vitamins and minerals have been recommended as an