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Bemer Therapy for improved oxygen utilization

Dr. John Simon is very excited about the beneficial potential of Bemer Therapy, a non-invasive, painless therapy he uses on his patients to help them improve cellular oxygen utilization. Here is what he asked us to share with the Onpets community.

Oxygen: We know it’s important but why?

We all know how important oxygen is to life both for our pets and for ourselves. But most of us do not understand exactly why it is essential. It is obvious that both pets and human must breathe in order to live but have you ever wondered why this is true? Once oxygen reaches the cells via the arteries and capillaries, the cells utilize this oxygen to make, and then store, energy in the form of the chemical, ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Without this cellular energy, the heart could not pump, kidneys could not remove toxins, and the immune system could not protect us and our pets against disease. Furthermore, the body could not repair or regenerate damaged tissue. To the extent that your pet’s body is able to distribute oxygen to all its cells and to the extent this oxygen can then be utilized by the cells to manufacture and store energy, the body will be strong, healthy, resistant to disease, and capable of repair and regeneration.

The science behind Bemer therapy – it’s all about vascular pumping

dog runningThere is a relatively unknown but very valuable approach to health care that is based on enhancing cellular oxygen utilization. This approach is known as “Bemer therapy” and is a unique modification of Pulsed Electro-magnetic Frequency therapy (PEMF). The older form of PEMF therapy has been available for people and pets for at least 50 years. However Bemer therapy, in its present form, is only about 18 years old. The Bemer’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it utilizes PEMF only as a carrier wave to deliver a second and more important patented therapeutic wave. This patented wave is where the Bemer’s “magic” lies and is the reason that NASA has a partnership agreement with the Bemer company to investigate ways of embedding Bemer technology into the undergarments of space suits.

The Bemer wave technology is capable of activating a natural pumping action by the body’s smallest arteries. This vascular pump literally forces the red blood cells into the capillaries and consequently, dilates the capillary beds. It is this pumping action, when enhanced by the Bemer signal, that delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The increased cellular oxygen allows the cell to generate more energy and to store this energy in the chemical form known as ATP. This ATP in turn allows the cells to function more efficiently so that they can better defend themselves, repair damage, and remove toxins.

Bemer is the first and only device currently capable of stimulating this “vascular pumping. Dr. R. Klopp, head of the Institute of Microcirculation in Germany, first discovered this vascular pump phenomena using “intra-vital microscopy.” Using this technology, Dr. Klopp observed that the Bemer, of all devices tested, was the only one to stimulate vascular pumping. During his microscopic investigation he found that the Bemer increased vascular pumping by 28% and oxygen utilization in the cells by 29%. I should emphasize that the greater the percent oxygen utilization by the cells the slower the cells age and the more rapidly they can repair themselves.

Although Bemer therapy has only been available in the United States for approximately 3 years, it has been practiced extensively in Europe for over 18 years. It is now being used in over 4,000 European human medical clinics and hospitals. Over 15 research papers on the Bemer can be found on

How your pet can benefit from Bemer therapy

dog blanketBemer therapy is extremely safe and painless and takes only 8 minutes to apply. I cover the area of concern with a pad attached to a generator. Your pet will feel absolutely nothing and experience no discomfort whatsoever. At my Woodside Animal Clinic in Royal Oak, Michigan, we have been using the Bemer for a relatively short time but have become very excited about its potential for treating lameness, intra-vertebral disk disease and kidney disease. I often use it in combination with laser or ozone therapy. For the last 3 months I have been using the Bemer on myself twice daily. My lower back and neck pain is almost totally gone and I feel much younger because I have greater flexibility and I move, bend and kneel with almost no discomfort.

The pets I have treated with Bemer therapy are also experiencing similar positive results. Bemer therapy is more correctly called “physical vascular therapy” because it affects target the microvasculature of the entire circulatory system. It therefore is of value in treating any disease that could benefit from an increased blood and oxygen supply. This includes just about every disease your fur babies may suffer from. Those interested in obtaining better understanding of Bemer therapy for you and your pets can contact the main support person at



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