Bee Pollen for Vitality and Allergy Relief

What is bee pollen and where does it come from?

Bee pollen may actually be the world’s perfect food. It contains B-complex vitamins, folic acid, minerals, enzymes and all 22 essential amino acids. The pollen also contains antibiotic factors that inhibit the growth of bacteria, which contributes to an improved immune system which, in turn, reduces the chance of illness. Bee pollen has a higher concentration of living enzymes than any other part of the plant the pollen comes from. Studies have shown that enzymes are absolutely essential for every biochemical function of the body. Some will go even further and claim that a human can live on simply bee pollen, with all its included enzymes, and water. Bee pollen comes from the male seeds of the plant which are essential for the fertilization of the plant.  Bee pollen is the food used to nourish young bees and contains 40% protein.

For Vitality:

Because bee pollen contains virtually every nutrient needed for survival, it increases energy levels, vitality and, consequently, quality of life. The pollen stimulates organ function and helps rejuvenate the body. The bioflavanoid rutin helps strengthen the capillaries, protects against free radicals and even has anti-inflammatory effects. It contains carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins which help enhance stamina and vitality.

For Allergies:

Many people have praised the effects of bee pollen for common allergies. By introducing the pollen into your pet’s diet you can help your furry children build an immunity to  allergens. Bee pollen also reduces the presence of histamine.  If you do decide to introduce bee pollen into your pet’s diet, start with a small amount of pollen to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

Where to get bee pollen:

If you are ready to try this wonderful super food as allergy relief it is very important to purchase bee pollen that is locally sourced because this greatly increases the chances that the all-important enzymes are alive and active.  Bee pollen is harvested from wildflowers that haven’t been treated with fertilizers or pesticides.  If you do purchase bee pollen from a source outside of the continental US, be aware that the nutritional substances naturally found in bee pollen can be destroyed or compromised by heat during the shipping process.

Bee pollen comes in granules, powders and capsules. You will want to store your bee pollen in the refrigerator as it contains live enzymes. As with any supplement, we recommend discussing this addition to your pet’s diet with your veterinarian first.

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