Alternative Treatments

Mind your pet’s health holistically! From fleas & ticks to hair loss or cancer prevention, there are many alternative treatments & natural pet remedies.

Caring for Aging or Disabled Pets Part II

Caring for disabled pets Part II: Equipment roundup

In Part I of our roundup of advice and resources for pet parents of fur babies with physical health issues, we looked at the types of health issues that might arise, therapy …

Most Common Questions Asked of Holistic Veterinarians

Expert Roundup

Onpets wanted to find out what the most common question is – and the answer – that holistic veterinarians receive from pet parents.  We consulted with a number of veterinarians around the country who practice integrative veterinary medicine …

Bemer Therapy for improved oxygen utilization

Dr. John Simon is very excited about the beneficial potential of Bemer Therapy, a non-invasive, painless therapy he uses on his patients to help them improve cellular oxygen utilization. Here is what he asked us to share with the Onpets …

Hot Spots In Dogs- What Is That?

What is a hot spot and what causes it?

Most dog owners have seen their pups suffer with hot spots caused by the almost manic licking and chewing at a particular area.  “Hot spot” is just a common way to …

Dr. Halle on the Pros and Cons of Vaccinations

Interview with Erika Halle, DVM about the pros and cons of vaccinating your fur baby.

  1. What are vaccines and what are they ideally supposed to do?

Vaccines generally contain some form or part of an infectious agent (bacteria or virus). …