"For the part can never be well unless the whole is well"

- Plato

Welcome to the Onpets community! 

Onpets is your one-stop site for comprehensive, unbiased, socially responsible, authoritative information on animal wellness, training guidance and life style issues pertaining to you and your animal companions. Veterinary care is evolving as our awareness grows about the efficacy of prevention and integrative/holistic approaches to animal wellness. Onpets provides timely information from vets and other animal welfare experts about:

Many of us travel and eat out with our four-legged babies and include them in our activities and lives, just as we do our human children.  We have information on pet-friendly parks, re-purposing old furniture for our companion animals and integrating new rescues with your existing household pets.

We care deeply about animal rescue and welfare so Onpets features rescue organizations and rescued animals and invites you to share your stories with the rest of the Onpets community.

Who are we?

 Nasha - About pageOnpets was founded by animal lovers for animal lovers.  Yvonne, our Founder, has 5 rescued dogs, including a wolf-mix, and one feral, TNR (trap, neuter, return) cat who adopted Yvonne 9 years ago.

Yvonne’s canine soul-mate, Rila and her little Alpha-in-training, Minnow (both pictured above on the beach in Nova Scotia), both died last year at almost 18 years and 16 ½ years of age respectively but they live on in the work Onpets is doing and motivate us every day to provide the best information out there for you and your companion animals.

KitKat 2Our lives have been immeasurably enhanced and enriched by our companion animals and we hope we can contribute to the quality and richness of your relationships with your own furry babies and help our Onpets community members provide a more fulfilling and complete lifestyle for themselves and their companion animals.

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Holistic Approach

Onpets’ resources give you a combination of eastern/alternative treatments and western/traditional veterinary medicine to help you maximize your pet’s body, mind and spirit wellness. Read more…

Evolved Information

Aqua therapy, acupuncture, stem cell therapy, traveling with your pet family members, hypoallergenic food, Chinese herbs – Onpets provides you with the resources you need for your evolving pet care need. Read more…

Caring Community

Pets are family – let’s learn from each other and share our stories, concerns and solutions to enhance our collective ability to help our own pets as well as those in need.